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  • Risqué False Friends English/French SLIP https://t.co/7BUXUIC20e
  • SLIP: https://t.co/rDKb0ztW66 via @YouTube
  • Introduce False Friend English/French https://t.co/KPEozAvrJT
  • Introduce False Friend English/French: https://t.co/JlAXzoaXGM via @YouTube
  • Datadock https://t.co/zaJhAkwBHu https://t.co/imfqf4NyoY
  • https://t.co/RrJBE0A7fV
  • Listening Practice. What does the phrasal verb "take away" mean? https://t.co/2M0CwLSe3V
  • https://t.co/llV5AhnzuZ... https://t.co/mPDQl8a7o0
  • Hello my friends. We're back. Here's an English reading exercise. Try to follow the instructions and tell us what... https://t.co/cPr9XXNM8Y
  • @Truffaut Attention! escroquerie à la caisse truffaut a la gare
  • Accents can be difficult is some situations https://t.co/xR88jbRDUn
  • https://t.co/tyDkvBuMA4
  • https://t.co/lAQ1jmfAbA https://t.co/Zf3Je2C4gZ
  • And what about the 21+ mistakes Americans make in French ;-) https://t.co/JlpUfL6iKv
  • Back by popular demand :) https://t.co/ouNutRibNO
  • Join us this Spring for a language learning trip to New York City! The skyline of Manhattan is changing rapidly.... https://t.co/yiTFZgowS5
  • Listening to English every day is the fastest, most efficient way to improve. But a little grammar doesn't hurt.... https://t.co/kTnQqQGOxo
  • Politician's speeches are very good listening practice. Politicians are trained to articulate and speak slowly to... https://t.co/trQ1HjS4Ks
  • I love this. https://t.co/Mw7BauYHtT
  • Let's not forget our false friends. https://t.co/J0qsXDDiRx https://t.co/LIwQOCdupL
  • Listening practice. https://t.co/mHFbWVtZ2K https://t.co/qwMA3QpYPS
  • Listening practice - subtitled in English. https://t.co/ugLdcYR3yZ
  • Readin practice https://t.co/qONvijUON0
  • Through - https://t.co/ZxvNW1o3nE Tough - https://t.co/nzm3QcaU2G... https://t.co/JT7VxgrB3p
  • https://t.co/2lFV1OH0c8
  • What does "deceiving" mean? https://t.co/vUSKc8H5LH
  • Reading practice. One of our biggest clients is Publicis. The CEO Maurice Levy was recently featured in Forbes. https://t.co/EPfQSSMRyM
  • https://t.co/khOeDmXerB
  • Phrasal verbs. You cannot ignore them! https://t.co/uaHAnsj1dV
  • Homonyms sound the same but mean different things https://t.co/gOTsAeh3KQ




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